Kay Firth-Butterfield

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Kay Firth-Butterfield receives TIME 100 Impact Award for her work on responsible AI
TIME awarded Kay Firth-Butterfield with one of their four TIME 100 Impact Awards in 2024 for her work shaping the responsible deployment of AI.
Kay Firth-Butterfield attended the Ditchley Conference, Transforming democracy: how can democratic states best use AI and thrive?
Kay Firth-Butterfield, comments in article "OpenAI says white men 'Bret, Larry and Adam' will work hard to build diverse board | VentureBeat"
Kay Firth-Butterfield comments in article "Prominent Women in Tech Say They Don't Want to Join OpenAI's All-Male Board"
In 2018, as the world put a heightened focus on the ethical use of emerging technology, Salesforce partnered with the World Economic Forum to start the Responsible Use of Technology Project, which brings together stakeholders from industry, non-profit organizations, governments, and academia to solve today’s most pressing ethical and responsible innovation challenges — and act as a powerful force for good.