Kay Firth-Butterfield

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Project Type: Keynote speech

TIME 100 Impact Award Winner, Kay Firth-Butterfield for her work in technology governance
TIME 100 Impact Awarded 2024: Kay Firth-Butterfield for work on harnessing responsible AI
Kay joined Antonio Neri in his keynote address to discuss how important the responsible use of AI technology was becoming to society and to businesses in terms of opportunity and mitigating the new risks that it introduces.
Kay spoke to GEP at their 2023 Innovate Conference in San Antonio about the legislative and governance issues surrounding the responsible use of AI.
Clinical data is one of the most regulated areas of data management. While there is little direct regulation of the use of AI, Kay explained how the wealth of guidance and existing regulation could guide businesses in their deployment of AI.
Kay Firth-Butterfield, spoke to the VHHA about implementing AI in the healthcare system responsibly. She emphasized the importance of including staff at all levels to build trust as well as to benefit from their niche expertise.
The way humans interact with AI is at a tipping point now, and it is vital that we make smart choices. If we choose right we can set up the future for our children and generations to come. If we choose wrong, we will likely erode trust, invite more regulation and slow innovation.
A live keynote address delivered by video conference to an in-person audience with Q&A session at the Data Science Conference Europe 2022 in Belgrade.
Software has the capacity to fuel unprecedented leaps forward. But AI and machine learning also brings great potential challenges to societies and economies. What guidelines can help us to create smart software that is broadly beneficial?