Kay Firth-Butterfield

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Project Type: Interview

AI and work
AI, work and life. What do we want our working lives to be in the future? How do we get to future we want?
“My job is to ensure that a child ends up having a magical life with AI where they are in charge and the AI is not.“
Jennifer Schenker interviews Kay Firth-Butterfield about AI in healthcare and cancer. As a recent breast cancer patient, Kay is able to reframe her expert knowledge around the responsible deployment of AI through the lens of a patient.
Speaking on the prestigious BBC Radio 4 news program, Kay discusses how AI guardrails are vital to guide implementation towards shaping a world that we want to live in.
Online interview to trail a keynote session with audience Q&A.
Kay discusses critical ethical issues in AI development with Dominique Shelton Leipzig and how companies' executive level leadership needs to come to grips with how AI is used in their business and what the risks it is exposing them to in both legal and reputational risks.
Media room interview at HPE Discover 2022 conference, Las Vegas to accompany key note speech and panel participation at the conference.
Miriam Vogel, president of Equal AI and Kay Firth-Butterfield, head of AI and Machine Learning for the World Economic Forum, discussed their podcast “In AI We Trust?” and developments in the world of artificial intelligence.
The World Economic Forum’s Kay Firth-Butterfield talks to CNBC’s Rosanna Lockwood about the challenges faced by artificial intelligence, and how the Covid-19 pandemic is exacerbating inequalities and discrimination in the world.
Kay Firth-Butterfield, head of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning the World Economic Forum, discusses the bias in AI systems and the lack of diversity in the sector.