Kay Firth-Butterfield

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Project Type: Award

New America appointed Kay Firth-Butterfield as a Fellow in the Future of Work and Innovation Economy initiative.
TIME awarded Kay Firth-Butterfield with one of their four TIME 100 Impact Awards in 2024 for her work shaping the responsible deployment of AI.
TIME 100 Impact Awarded 2024: Kay Firth-Butterfield for work on harnessing responsible AI
Womenofai.org and Two Sigma Ventures nominate Kay as a Leading Women in AI on Nasdaq billboard in Time Square.
One of ten women selected by the New York Times, Kay talks about her career, her concerns about AI, protection of children and the way forward for AI governance.
40 women chosen for their exceptional contributions to the space of AI Ethics and Diversity.
12 brilliant women leading this much-needed discussion on AI & ethics and development of responsible AI solutions that will benefit everyone
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