Kay Firth-Butterfield

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AI and Cancer – AI in Healthcare

Jennifer Schenker interviews Kay Firth-Butterfield about AI in healthcare and cancer. As a recent breast cancer patient, Kay is able to reframe her expert knowledge around the responsible deployment of AI through the lens of a patient.

Atlantic Dialogues: Our Future with AI Hinges on Global Cooperation

Kay Firth-Butterfield’s article titled “Our Future with AI Hinges on Global Cooperation” was published in Atlantic Dialogues: On AI, Society and what comes next Since large language models began making headlines in the fall of 2022, millions of words have been written about the dangers of AI. Those of us who work on these technologies […]

HPE Discover 2023

Kay joined Antonio Neri in his keynote address to discuss how important the responsible use of AI technology was becoming to society and to businesses in terms of opportunity and mitigating the new risks that it introduces.

Mention: VentureBeat

Kay Firth-Butterfield, comments in article “OpenAI says white men ‘Bret, Larry and Adam’ will work hard to build diverse board | VentureBeat”

Mention: Wired Magazine

Kay Firth-Butterfield comments in article “Prominent Women in Tech Say They Don’t Want to Join OpenAI’s All-Male Board”

GEP Innovate 2023

Kay spoke to GEP at their 2023 Innovate Conference in San Antonio about the legislative and governance issues surrounding the responsible use of AI.