Kay Firth-Butterfield

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Mention: VentureBeat

Kay Firth-Butterfield, comments in article "OpenAI says white men 'Bret, Larry and Adam' will work hard to build diverse board | VentureBeat"

In the article OpenAI says white men ‘Bret, Larry and Adam’ will work hard to build diverse board | VentureBeat, Kay Firth-Butterfield commented:

“It is important for any board to be representative of society so to include women, gender and racial diversity,” she said. “This is a particular necessity for a company creating a technology which is shaping the future of humanity.”

She also added that “given that most of the data on the internet on which Open AI trains its models has been predominantly created by white men it is all the more important to ensure oversight from other groups — if AI is to change the whole world and lift everyone then including people from outside the U.S. and not educated in the U.S. would also make considerable sense.”

While it would have been better if OpenAI started with a more diverse board, Firth-Butterfield emphasized that the current board must be “extra diligent in its choice of talent search provider, bringing in diversity at that level to ensure the right mix of candidates is found. At that point they need to take advice and exercise diligence in selection of new board members. It behooves them to be transparent in their selection categories and decisions.”