Kay Firth-Butterfield

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HPE Discover 2023

Kay joined Antonio Neri in his keynote address to discuss how important the responsible use of AI technology was becoming to society and to businesses in terms of opportunity and mitigating the new risks that it introduces.

Kay joined Antonio Neri at the end of his keynote presentation and HPE Discover 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

The discussed how the White House Executive Order provided a template, together with NIST guidelines (links to both here) for companies to guide procurement and development decisions. While not directly enforceable, they provide formal guidance in the absence of congressional legislation. Kay reminded companies that they should be wary of being lulled into believing they were unregulated as regulators have said that they were willing and able to use existing law to oversee the use of AI. Companies must educate at all levels – board level, C-suite and staff – of the responsible use of AI.

However, there was lots of room for optimism. If we think carefully before implementing AI, it can bring huge benefits. For example:

  • AI is currently more energy thirsty than the aviation industry – however, it is possible to reduce data center energy use by 40% using AI
  • AI can be used to reduce water use and leakage
  • Currently 17 billion items are returned as defective each year, creating 47 million tons of carbon waste. AI and digital twin technology can reduce this