Kay Firth-Butterfield

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Google I/O – how AI can transform healthcare

A fireside chat about AI, healthcare and how best to serve patients. Kay was joined by Lloyd Minor, Dean of the School of Medicine, Stanford University and hosted by James Manyika, SVP, Research, Technology & Society, Google.

Google I/O - AI and healthcare

Kay joined Lloyd Minor, Dean of the School of Medicine at Stanford University on stage at Google I/O 2024 to discuss the use of AI in healthcare.

Use of AI in healthcare

The conversation focused on how AI could transform healthcare delivery and how doctors and hospitals need to be vigilant to deploy AI wisely in ways that best serve patients. The use of Ambient AI was discussed and how AI could move from merely taking dictation towards automatically including and incorporating features of imaging and lab results would relieve doctors of a substantial chore. By moving the focus away from the benefits to doctors and on to patient benefits, we can see that this use of AI could benefit patients by giving doctors more time to interact with patients, better explain diagnoses and treatments and give the support that patients need.

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Kay also raised the issue that while most people at Google I/O are well educated about AI and many people in large hospitals may feel confident about their understanding of the issues surrounding the deployment of AI in their institutions, many physicians and administrators in smaller and more rural institutions may not be fully versed in the design of responsible AI. As such, education was vital so that institutions could make the right choices in AI and so that they were sufficiently knowledgeable to be able to educate their patients and build their trust around this new technology and how it can help them.