Kay Firth-Butterfield

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ForbesBooks Podcast: Building and Ethical AI Future

Kay discusses critical ethical issues in AI development with Dominique Shelton Leipzig and how companies' executive level leadership needs to come to grips with how AI is used in their business and what the risks it is exposing them to in both legal and reputational risks.

This podcast is published at https://forbesbooksaudio.com/episodes/building-an-ethical-ai-future-with-kay-firth-butterfield/

Three critical ethical issues that companies need to address

  1. Models are being trained on data that lacks fully representative data. This is because our history has amplified the voices northern hemisphere, wealthy, white men for the last 2000 years and their views dominate the writings that the models have been trained on. As the models become used in our society they will embed these mindsets and make it much harder for society to become more representative of its population.
  2. Lethal Autonomous Weapons – the use of AI in warfare is increasing and there is little discussion on how we want it to be used.
  3. More than half of the world’s population (measured by GDP) will vote in 2024 and the use of AI to influence/manipulate voters is known but not well understood or regulated.

What can company leaders do?

  1. The CEO must take responsibility: rolling out AI can’t be left to junior staff. Leadership need to understand how AI is used and what risks it is exposing their company to.
  2. Representative teams: For example: If you’re developing AI products for women over 65 and your development team is made up of people under 30 – employ some older women to build understanding of your market and their needs

Human rights issues with using AI in schools and educational tools

  • It is good for kids to learn with AI because they will be living/working with AI throughout their lives
  • But
    • We don’t know how the data is stored. How will the data be used in the future?
    • Some toys are effectively surveilling our kids
    • What are the toys teaching?

As a society we need to have a plan for the future. We need to design our future rather than just let it happen to us.