Kay Firth-Butterfield

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BBC Radio 4: The World this Weekend – AI Guardrails

Speaking on the prestigious BBC Radio 4 news program, Kay discusses how AI guardrails are vital to guide implementation towards shaping a world that we want to live in.

Speaking on the World this Weekend on BBC Radio 4

(Kay’s segment starts at 3:45)

The need for AI Guardrails

The coming of AI has led to machines making decisions about and on behalf of humans for the first time and we’re starting to see the implications and the risk but also the huge benefits that are possible. AI Guardrails are urgently needed so that we can build the future for society that we want, rather than simple get the future that happens to us. A wide range of efforts by organizations like the IEEE, UNESCO, OECD and UN have started on this process.

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Critically, we must remember that while about 180m people have interacted with ChatGPT there are more than 3bn people in the world who don’t even have access to the Internet. The result of that is not only a lack of equality of access to AI, but also a lack of representation in the datasets used by LLMs. In reality, our AI models are trained on the views and through the lens of white men because for the last 2000 years they have “held the pen” and it is their thought and knowledge that has been input into the AI models. We urgently need to consider expanding the data sets to create a truly equal future for all with AI.