Kay Firth-Butterfield

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ADI: The Ethics of AI: Shaping a Responsible Future with Board Member Kay Firth-Butterfield

Aboitiz Data Innovation Advisory Board Member, Kay Firth-Butterfield talks with CEO David Hardoon about trust, transparency and the need for a global dialogue on AI Governance.

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David Hardoon, CEO of Aboitiz Data Innovation, engages with esteemed advisory board member Kay Firth-Butterfield to speak about responsible AI and governance.

This episode delves deep into the intersection of AI, ethics, and societal impact, exploring the balance between innovation and responsibility. Kay, with her rich background in good tech advisory and her pivotal role in the World Economic Forum, brings a unique perspective on how AI can be harnessed to enhance human rights and financial inclusion while safeguarding against the risks of misinformation and the challenges posed by emerging technologies.

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Discover the critical importance of trust, transparency, and the need for a global dialogue on AI governance. Learn how companies and countries alike can navigate the delicate balance of economic growth and ethical considerations to ensure AI contributes positively to society.

This conversation not only highlights the potential for AI to transform industries but also underscores the necessity of putting guardrails in place to ensure these advancements benefit humanity as a whole.