Kay Firth-Butterfield

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Media Appearances

Kay enjoys working with the media and welcomes enquiries for interviews about the responsible governance of technologies like artificial intelligence, space technology, quantum computing and healthcare technology.

New America appointed Kay Firth-Butterfield as a Fellow in the Future of Work and Innovation Economy initiative.
Responsible is an opportunity, not a cost. Technology thrives with guardrails and constraints. This interview explores how a responsible AI framework leads to better business.
AI, work and life. What do we want our working lives to be in the future? How do we get to future we want?
When you deploy AI there are risks as well as benefits - companies must manage their innovations to reap the rewards.
Kay is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Texas and was interviewed about her Time 100 Impact Award by the Daily Texas, newspaper of UT Austin.
“My job is to ensure that a child ends up having a magical life with AI where they are in charge and the AI is not.“
TIME awarded Kay Firth-Butterfield with one of their four TIME 100 Impact Awards in 2024 for her work shaping the responsible deployment of AI.
TIME 100 Impact Awarded 2024: Kay Firth-Butterfield for work on harnessing responsible AI
Kay Firth-Butterfield attended the Ditchley Conference, Transforming democracy: how can democratic states best use AI and thrive?
Jennifer Schenker interviews Kay Firth-Butterfield about AI in healthcare and cancer. As a recent breast cancer patient, Kay is able to reframe her expert knowledge around the responsible deployment of AI through the lens of a patient.
Kay Firth-Butterfield, comments in article "OpenAI says white men 'Bret, Larry and Adam' will work hard to build diverse board | VentureBeat"